Apple – Innovation, Excellence, Elegant. Technology, was never before introduced with the charm of simplicity. Thinking different, has always been at the core of technological innovation; that happens at Apple. Recently, during September 2015 Apple launched it's latest gadget – Apple iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular. Every nook and corner of the iPad, has been been given sheer consideration in respect to the design and technology. Getting larger with the display screen, is just one element amongst the lot. Each one of which, is futuristic.

Perfection Over Pixels
Retina Display delivers the most impressive screen quality. Apple exclaims, of the most advanced Retina Display that this iPad Pro dons. When they say most advanced display, the 5.6 million amazing pixels & 2732 x 2048 screen resolution of the iPad Pro, serves as the evidence to the exclamation. Something, that no other iOS device has got the privilege of. This one, has climbed the ladder of screen size by 78 per cent; when compared to the iPad Air 2. Life-like colours and deeper blacks, brings in more colourful experience to the user's bag.

6.9mm of Engineering Excellence


Going into precision, of every single details of the display; is what iPad Pro believes in. The multi-touch subsystem, embraces two types of touch, namely – Finger & Apple Pencil. The advanced process of photo alignment is housed on the iPad Pro, beckons the display with better-aligned molecules that deliver better on-axis contrast of the display. The large canvas display of iPad Pro is the adaptation from the iMac Retina 5K display, along with the Oxide TFT. The refresh rate of the static content is cut down at 30 times per second, instead of 60 – emphasising on the energy of the screen display. Time controller acts as the brain of the display, that serves with greater resolution by instructing the pixels about what has to be done and when.

The Creative Pencil
The multi-touch display, that Apple introduced to the world, has just taken yet another step forward. Apple Pencil is designed in the most versatile manner. It knows well, when you are pressing it harder or shifting it's angle. This enables the user with expansive artistic effects, the Apple Pencil offers. Getting ahead of the time, the Apple Pencil can transform itself to a fountain pen, a watercolour brush and a calligrapher's nib too!

Impressive & Sturdy Body


Taking a leap in technology, with the wider and bigger screen; doesn't implies the increased body weight. iPad Pro weighs just of 1.57 pounds, making it handy enough to carry around. The sturdiness of the iPad comes from it's aluminium unibody. The design, undoubtedly is impressive enough to grab quite a few eyeballs!

Protean Speakers
Gone is the time to tilt and shift the device, to get better sound from the speaker. iPad Pro houses four immersible speakers, complimenting the futuristic retina display. The four speakers have been tooled to the unibody enclosure of the iPad, something that bags the iPad with 'Pioneer'; when it comes to the speaker placement. This enhances the back volume of the speaker with 61 per cent greater value. High fidelity and wider frequency range, delivers three times more output than that of the the previous iPad versions. The intelligent speakers, senses how you're holding the device – horizontally or vertically. And delivers optimum sound, accordingly – without tilting it every now and than!

Intelligent Keyboard


Simple functions and cutting edge technological is the rare combination adapted by iPad Pro. This one is complimented with the smart keyboard. The single sheet of keyboard is made up of custom-woven fabric. This construction is unique in almost all possible ways. Each key is laser ablated and conductive material beneath the fabric allows a two-way flow of power & data. This iPad leaves behind the traditional tangling of wires, and is flexible enough to be folded for a lifetime.

New-Age Keyboard Connector


Wondering how to connect without the traditional wires? The smart connector, takes advantage of the two-way fabric of the keyboard. The power of the keyboard comes by aligning the iPad on the keyboard. That's how it connects, that's how it gets charged! The interface can't get any easier than the one this sleek keyboard comes with.


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