Super Station USB Charger USB HUB

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This handy, innovative Super Station USB Charger and USB HUB utilizes only one power cord to safely charge up to five separate devices. This charger is great for multiple hard drives, flash drives, card readers, and much more.

No more switching devices out every time you want to use your USB port and get this handy device today!. Available in Blue, Green, Orange and Red Colors


- Model: LP-08
- 4 port USB Charger
- 2M long universal socket plug
- 4 USB HUB 
- Input: AC110 - 220V
- Output: AC110 -220V 3A (Universal socket) DC5V -3A (USB socket)
- Product size: 109*109*36mm
- Use scope: for all kinds of mobile phones, digital products, low power (<600W) of small household electrical appliances

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