Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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For iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6 Plus

For Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 Note 2/3/4

For NOKIA/HTC/Xiaomi/Huawei, etc. Android smartphone


Enjoy the Pleasure of Self-timer at Anytime, Everywhere

Maximum bearing capacity at the joint between the integrated camera assistant phone stand and hardware rod: 5kg
For android system, if bluetooth shutter can't work normally, please download the camera 360 app.


Step 1
Longly press the key for 3s, then the blue light is lit, and the integral camera assistant is in the start state.
When the blue light displays the flicker state after start, the integral camera assistant enters the bluetooth pairing mode.

Step 2
Open the bluetooth on your mobile. It will turn up "Winnersun". Longly press the key for 3S to enter bluetooth pairing mode.


Step 3
Rotate the mobile clip for 270 degrees and then hold the two sides of the monopod tostretch slowly step by step.


Step 4
Put the mobile to the clip and open the camera funtion on mobile to take picture by pressing the camera button on monopod.


Step 5
Rotate the mobile back and hold the buttom of the extension holder and press it with your thumb. Make the other side of the holder up to the hard part then draw it back slowly.

About the LED Light

LED1 Charge indicator
It is in red while in recharging, it will be off while finish recharging


LED2 bluetooth matching
The light is on while be turned on/in blinking means in bluetooth matching


LED3 Photograph indicating lamp
The light is in blue while taking pictures

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