Remax Lip Max Power Bank 2400 mAh

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Brand: Remax
Product Code: Remax Lipmax Power bank 2400 mAh
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  • Backup battery has a capacity of 2400mAh
  • Compatible with devices connected via a port USB.
  • Supports charging for the iPhone and Android smartphone version.
  • LED power indicator.
  • Can charge the iPhone 5, 5s for about one round.
  • Lipstick Shape Design Compact and portable.
Portable design, style and chic lipstick. Battery backup of a Remax with a capacity of 2400mAh, you can use comfortably ,whether in a car or boat. be always on a journey It can carry almost no space in your pocket, of course. Can carry it like a bag of cosmetics. Coin Purse Travel bags, backpacks, shoulder bags inside. And pocket-size portability Compatible with devices that support USB port, such as smart phones, portable audio players, etc. Spare battery with 2,400 mAh capacity with LED indicator. Supports charging any device with a compatible USB port , such as smart phones, digital cameras, portable rechargeable iPhone 5, 5s for about one round.The shape is small, only 90 x 20 mm. Stylish shape with lipstick to use. Comes port  Input: DC5.0V-1.0A ,Output: DC5.0V 1.0A-portable, streamlined as well.

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